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To join the Fast 4 Freedom, please leave a comment below that includes:

  • Name
  • Email
  • City & Country
  • # of Days You are Fasting
  • Break or No Break
  • What you will be consuming during Fast

Once we have your information, you will be added to the list of participants as quickly as possible.

Published on March 13, 2008 at 5:38 pm  Comments (10)  

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  1. Example:
    Please add me to the List of Fasters -thanks
    * Name – Jane Jackson
    * Email –
    * City & Country – anywhere, usa
    * # of Days You are Fasting – 3
    * Break or No Break – no break
    * What you will be consuming during Fast – juice only

  2. * Name – Arielle Chavez
    * Email –
    * City & Country – Michigan
    * # of Days You are Fasting – 6
    * Break or No Break – no break
    * What you will be consuming during Fast – Liquids

    I will be meditating as well, I am supporting Efren Paredes Jr.
    If you can post my comment please do so:

    I believe in his innocence 100%, there is no doubt in my mind that this young man is innocent, and that he has been wronged by a system that at first we find to be fair, but in reality, fairness is nonly an illussion. Fairness is lost when there are political moves, and personal favor to be made between prosecuting attornes, local leaders, and judges.

    Hasta La Vicotria Efren!

  3. City & State: Detroit, MI
    # of Days I am fasting – 48 hours (Thurs. at 8 p.m. until Sat. at 8 p.m.
    What I will be consuming – juice and coffee

  4. 1. Your name:

    Brent Blair

    2. A brief description of who you are:

    Senior Lecturer, USC School of Theatre; I practice “Theatre of the Oppressed” and have been working against the Prison Industrial Complex for nearly 20 years.

    3. How many days you will be fasting, and, if possible, the day(s) that you will be fasting:

    I will be fasting one day, Monday, March 17th.

    4. Why you are joining this fast?

    I am joining this fast in solidarity with Efren Paredes, Jr.’s struggle for freedom, in solidarity with Mario Rocha and the hundreds of thousands and millions of young men and women, predominantly men and women of color, locked up in a system that feeds off itself at the expense of so many and offers nothing in return.

    5. Names of people in juvenile hall, jail, or prison
    whom you would like us all to hold in prayer?

    Please hold all the young men and women trapped in this system in prayer. Especially: Mark Lilomaiova, David Devine, Giovanni Padilla, Jovanie Prado, Carlos Bours, Sal Frontuto, Bayardo Mayorga, Robert Gonzalez, Julio Falcon, Jose Escobedo, Duc Ta and Carlos Martinez, all young men taken in their youth by the system that found them “fit” to stand trial as adults, though no other advanced civilization in the world treats its own youth with this level of contempt.

  5. I will be fasting from March 16-March 22
    I will consume water and lemon no breaks
    I will also pray for justice and love to meet in this system we call Justice.

  6. Please add me to the List of Fasters -thanks
    * Name – Emily Harris
    * Email –
    * City & Country – berkeley, CA
    * # of Days You are Fasting – 48 hours starting Monday morning until Wed. morning
    * Break or No Break – no break
    * What you will be consuming during Fast – juice/fruit

    Hi Efren! I’m excited to join the fast in solidarity from California! Hope you are well and excited to hear that there is such positive movement on the campaign!

  7. My name is Celia Noriega, I live in San Gabriel California. I’m a volunteer with Prevention and Rescue Inc, in Los Angeles. I will be fasting the days of, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday I was emailed a piece written by Efren and it moved me in so many ways. Not just for Efren but all others unjustly imprisoned. This is a scream for justice to the powers that be here on earth, but it’s also a cry for help and direct prayer to our Lord who shall give ultimate justice to those who have been denied it. My prayers shall also be for all who are in prison, may they all have an opportunity for a 2nd chance.

  8. Detroit, MI, USA

    My fast begins Tues, Mar 18, AM and I will break the fast on Friday March 21 either AM or PM.
    I will be consuming juices. The first day at least I’ll drink the Master Cleanser “lemonade” throughout the day.

  9. 1. Tania Picasso;California
    2. Second year graduate student in the University of Southern California’s Public Art Studies master’s program. First generation Mexican-American mujer dedicated to making the voice of historically and socially marginalized groups visible and heard. I am a strong believer in alternative modes of expression such as art, music, cultural programming as a tool for empowering communities and bringing forth social change.
    3. Will be fasting for one complete day, Thursday March 20th and will remain in solidarity throughout the journey.
    4. I first learned of Efren’s case through Mario Rocha, who I met through a USC Visions & Voices project titled “The Complex,” which was a community-based theatre production aimed at shedding light on the unjust incarceration of people of color and the prison industrial complex. Efren’s case, like Mario’s resonated on so many levels as it forced me to reflect on my personal experience within the inner-city educational system and could not help but notice the uncanny parallels between the education system, specifically LAUSD, and the set-up and philosophy behind the prison industrial complex. But more importantly, I am joining the fast for all those people that have been stripped of their freedom based on inaccurate pretenses. Efren and Mario’s case are symbolic of a fierce warrior spirit that battles adversity at every corner and represent the voices of many of our sisters and brothers that continue in the struggle for justice…and it is with great honor and respect that I participate in this fast.
    5.I am holding vigil for all of my loved one’s that were previously incarcerated and are now out, but most significantly, my heart and prayers will be with all who are incarcerated due to an oppressive system based on fear and profit.

  10. Kathie Kuhn
    Fasting Monday – Saturday
    Consuming juice

    Sending you love and looking forward to your freedom. Sorry, that we have such a broken system. Things are changing!

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