They have threatened us with Resurrection

-Julia Esquivel

On this day of hope and new life, we go forward in the belief that truth, justice, and freedom will prevail. The fast was a powerful way to connect in a very real way with Efren and others around the world. It also gave me the opportunity to talk with many people this week about Efren and the injustice of mandatory juvenile sentencing. A special grace was our Wednesday prayer service at St. Peter’s where we spoke with Efren and, led by Julie, united our voices in songs of freedom. Keep your eyes on the prize, Efren, . . . the arc of history may be long but it indeed bends toward justice. We will continue to write, advocate, and pray. Although our fast from food ended last night, I pray that we will never stop fasting from apathy, indifference, and despair. Including one of my favorite poems as a gift of strength and hope. Although written in a different place under different circumstances, the hope is the same.

They have threatened us with Resurrection

There is something here within us
which doesn’t let us sleep, which doesn’t let us rest,
which doesn’t stop the pounding deep inside.
It is the silent, warm weeping of women without their husbands
it is the sad gaze of children fixed there beyond memory . . .

What keeps us from sleeping
is that they have threatened us with resurrection!

Because at each nightfall
though exhausted from the endless inventory
of killings for years,
we continue to love life,
and do not accept their death!
In this marathon of hope
there are always others to relieve us
in bearing the courage necessary . . .

Accompany us then on this vigil
and you will know what it is to dream!
You will know then how marvelous it is
to live threatened with resurrection!
To live while dying
and to already know oneself resurrected.

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