A Note to Fasters

-Mario Rocha

We are with you in the sacred flame that we shall light together on Wednesday. Even though we are on the other side of the Turtle Shell, we are moving right along with you. In a slow but determined pace. In solidarity and strength.

For those who commenced our Fast for Efren and Friends yesterday, we say to Efren’s loved ones that we are with you in conscious and deliberate struggle. For
there are people in this world who spend their lives taking freedom for granted, and then there are those who spend a lifetime fighting for freedom. We hold ourselves in the latter category, behind Efren, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Leonard Peltier, Ramsey Muniz, Anthony
Throop, and so many others whose freedom lies in our ability to bring down the walls of oppression by standing united in our resistance.

Thank you all who have answered the call to action. On day two of our fast, let us heed the words that Efren has to share, which can be heard at this link:

Efren called me again last night–thank you Helen for arranging that–and he sounded very excited about the future, of what the coming days will bring.

It reminded me of when I began to see my imprisonment coming to an end. Even though it took ten years to finally see that day (8/24/06) manifest, I felt a sense of gratitude for being alive that I know is what is sustaining Efren at this moment. For as he wrote
in a piece last week, Victory in the struggle is all we know.

Let me remind you that, though I am free, I continue to defend myself from the false charges that the state cannot find the courage to drop. In fact, because I will refuse to accept a plea bargain the DA’s office will try to sway me with in order to end this in their
favor, there is a chance that I will have to stand trial for these same crimes and face the threat of death in prison again. I say this to you not in fear, as I am grounded in my confidence and clear-conscience, I say this as a reality check.

In other words, Efren understands well that in spite of the momentum that we are building for his cause, it may still take us a while to force this government to release him.

Nonetheless, as Efen and I talked about where our parents grew up in Mexico, and Velia in Austin, Texas, we laughed at all the strange connections that have led us to wage this National Fast. We talked about our plans for when he is free and we are able to
continue this important work for the causes of social justice and community liberation. We talked about how we are up against the impossible, and yet, it is what our People have been doing for more than 500 years under Western colonialism–regenerating through the sacrifices of our ancestors. We are proud and prepared to continue this struggle, and History is our witness.

“Can’t stop, Won’t stop.”

See You Wednesday!




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