The Thought of Injustice

The mere thought of such epistemic injustice exemplified by the story of Efren is heartbreaking, brings tears to my eyes, makes me keep on going in hopes that someday the institutionalized oppression that shapes our lives will one day be reconciled.This coalition-filled effort makes me think of another hunger strike that took place last year in November: a slightly different occasion but a completely inter-connected thread of struggle for social justice…

Columbia students hunger-striked with these thoughts and hope in mind…
“With luck, Columbia will see the starvation of our bodies as a bellwether of our growing desperation on this campus. It’s a shame that Columbia was not more alarmed when we said our minds, hearts, and spirits
were starving, too.”

As another display of solidarity and strength takes place, I would just like to end by saying my heart goes out to all those in the fast during the coming week. We must keep on fighting, keep on struggling.

Isang Bagsak

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